DepartmentNew Bulgarian Studies


The Department of New Bulgarian Studies was founded in 1994. The first Department Chair was Assoc. Prof. Alexander Kyosev, PhD, followed by Prof. Mihail Nedelchev (from 1998 to 2010) and Prof. Moni Almaleh, D.Sc. (from 2010 to 2012). Since May 2012 Assoc. Prof. Plamen Doynov, PhD has served as Chair of the Department.


Unlike some innovative interdisciplinary subject areas, struggling to strengthen their positions, the Department of New Bulgarian Studies had to face a totally different challenge. It had to vitalize the traditional discipline of Bulgarian Philology both methodologically ant thematically, it had to open its horizons to a broader sociocultural field of study and to the new dynamics in the sphere of education.


One of the Department’s strategies is to involve the vibrant topical literature into its research and educational project. This is made possible by the work of the writers and the poets who are also members of the Department and the work of some other famous modern Bulgarian writers who give lectures, talks and literary readings to the students on a regular basis. The events, comprising also jubilee conferences celebrating some emblematic contemporaries – authors of Bulgarian literature, take place under the motto of “The Writers at the University”.


Degree Programs
Bachelor’s Program in Bulgarian Studies (Bulgarian Language, Culture and Literature)
Master’s Program in Creative Writing
Master’s Program in Literature, Publishing, Mass Media
Doctoral Program in Theory and History of Literature


Dynamic Study Forms
The Department and the University offer the opportunity for intensive study, which means that a gifted person may pursue an Individualized Special Major and may complete the major programme in two years instead of four.
The Department of New Bulgarian Studies organizes:
• Literary Seminar carried out on a regular basis
• Study and research units: School of Literature and History, Academic Center for Orthodox Culture and Literature, New Academy for Literary Arts with a School of Creative Writing
• Summer School of Creative Writing with master classes in poetry and prose and a class in criticism and journalism
• Travelling seminars (researchers from the other departments at NBU regularly join in)


The Collective research projects of the Department of New Bulgarian Studies are the following: “Years of Literature”, “The Literature of PRB: history and theory”, “Personalities”, “In Red and White: A Literary Archive of PRB”, materialized in published collections.


The lecturers at the Department have published numerous studies, monographs, collections of articles influencing the literary context and, generally, the humanitarian context in Bulgaria. Two of them are Editors in Chief of the major periodic issues of NBU: “To be continued” /Sledva/ - a university culture magazine, and “University Journal” – the newspaper of NBU. The works of Prof. Moni Almaleh, D.Sc. encompass a wide spectrum of research areas: linguistic, linguoculturological, semiotic, biblical and hermeneutic studies; studies in Bulgarian and other Indo-European languages, and Hebrew.


The Department works with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the sphere of international student mobility, Erasmus Programme. The Department of New Bulgarian Studies has a fruitful academic collaboration with the Institute for Literature (BAS), with the respective units in: “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Turnovo, South-West University “Neofit Rilski” (Blagoevgrad), Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Regional Library “P. K. Yavorov” (Burgas), Association of Bulgarian Writers. Every year the Department participates with its own activities in the Apolonia Festival of Arts.
The lecturers and students at the Department win recognition at various respectable forums and institutions; they are also winners of numerous awards.


The quality of teaching in the programs guarantees proficiency in speaking and writing in Bulgarian, as well as improving reading effectiveness.


Students Grants Programme of the Uninhibited Contacts Foundation aimed at newly admitted students in their first year of study in the following programs:
Anthropology; Bulgarian Studies (Bulgarian Language, Culture and Literature); Bulgarian Heritage, History and Museums; Ancient Egyptian Studies (Ancient Egyptian Language, Culture and Literature); Arts Studies and Arts Management; History and Archeology; Classical Languages, Ancient Culture and Literature; Philosophy.



Department Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Moris Fadel, Ph.D.
Building 1, Room 112,
tel.: 02/8110 112
e-mail: mfadel@nbu.bg


Neli Haralampieva
Building 1, Room 112
Tel.: 02/8110132; ext. 11121
e-mail: nharalampieva@nbu.bg